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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336


“We build bridges that help you reach your start-up project”

Animated working & co-working places

« Join us in the Monkey Bridge Studio »

Next to the Brussels South Airport, in the High Tech Industrial Zoning. We welcome you to our passive construction incubator, specifically dedicated to innovative start-ups :

→ Working open spaces / Co-Working
→ Private working places / Offices
→ Meeting rooms
→ Videoconference room
→ High-Tech infrastructure

PRICING : 250 € / person / month. For young innovative companies, the price is decreasing and may tend to 0 € depending on the degree of innovation and technological complexity of the project.

Project Fine Tuning

« Devil is in details »

Differentiation ; Product Positioning ; Marketing Package Consistency ;
Marketing environment ; Business Model ; Minimum Viable Products ;
Access Chanels to Clients ; Hypothesis Validation, …

The guidelines of your project are already fixed but the devil is in details.
We help to fine tune your project.


Access to funds

« Mixing private and public funds »

Funds for innovative business are more available than ever in Belgium.
By mixing private and public funds you will optimize the cash available for your project.

Each of them have their advantages : private funds are faster and public funds are often given (grants).


Go to market

« We make innovative business happens by building bridges to overcome obstacles »

→ Co-marketing support
→ Marketing strategy
→ PR and Earned Media

You must master your market You will be the main actor in sales & marketing.
We will help you to fulfill this role successfully

Sister company of Mac & Jb