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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany
(+44) 871.075.0336


Next-Tech : realistic, fast and easy-to-use 3D-planning application made for the designers of equipped kitchens.

TPR : processing END OF LIFE plastics by converting that plastic into energy in an innovative way.

Tagalo : THE mobile App that : DETECTS rider's falls, LOCATES in real time, ALERTS your loved ones

Utopix : an innovative solution that connects customers and professional photographers

DS Color : Innovating Coatings

Mozzeno Services : The Belgian platform for participative loans between individuals

Koalaboox : An Online Billing and Financing Solution

eCade : Dynamic reporting tool for brands and manufacturers to bring their e-commerce performance to the next level!

Qualitics : Improve security and maintenance of your infrastructure with our independent drones.

Gespodo : A Customized 3D orthopedic insole manufacturing

HPP : Innovative High-Pressure Processing Services

Ncardia : Ncardia is a stem cell drug discovery & development company

Allocloud : Advanced Telephony and Collaboration in the Cloud

Cikisi : A Monitoring, research and web exploration platform

Seen Apps : A mobile tool that allows the analysis of emotional data in a professional or relaxing environment

Nirli : An immersive virtual reality solution for the real estate sector that allows its customers to see real size any buildings still to build.

HeronTrack : A Solution that Provides Full Traceability of Small Equipment

Smovin : A new rental management application made in Belgium

Immunxperts : ImmunXperts offers services to accelerate and risk mitigate your drug development process.

Bright Link : PBT (Preventing Burnout Test) Computerized Risk Assessment Tool for Burnout in Business

Andaman7 : A collaborative tool that provide a safe and direct access to Synchronized Health Records

Faqbot : Transforms companies' FAQ page into automated chat

Digiboard : Paperless board management. Masterize your process and centralize your docs.

Selinko : An authentication solution to combat counterfeiting

Happi Mood : First organic food supplement with saffron

Sister company of Mac & Jb